Possible bug in DVDate for srt extraction

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    I’ve run into what I think may be a bug in DVDATE. If I create two identical files in Scenalizer with one being type 1 and the other being type 2, only the type 1 generates the SRT with the datecode accurately to the frame. The type 2 SRT is different than the type 1 SRT by a 1-4 frames in several spots depending on the length. This is very obvious for DV files that have appended segments with gaps in the datecode as the Type 1 SRT will jump to the correct time on the very frame that is the next segment, but the Type 2 SRT will be a couple frames off perhaps displaying the previous date for a frame or two. You can use something like beyond compare to compare the two SRT’s. Also, I’ve noticed that the type 1 to type 2 conversion in DVDATE isn’t creating compliant AVI files as may applications reject it. I can usually fix this by converting it to type 1 in Scenalyzer and back to type 2 in Scenalyzer which does create compliant type 1 and type 2 files.

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