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updated on May 18, 2018
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FixMKVGaps; is a tool for repairing Matroska video ( .mkv ) files that get stuck during playback. If you have a .mkv file that hangs during playback, it is likely that there are discontinuities in its timestamps. Open it in FixMKVGaps and it will immediately analyze it. After a few minutes, it will give you the result of the analysis: it will tell you if the file is correct (but only from the point of view of time codes) or if there are gaps. He will also tell you where they are. If the mkvmerge tool is installed on your system, FixMKVGaps will use it to remux your .mkv file by removing all the “gaps”. It will leave the original file unchanged and create a _fixed.mkv file that will be the repaired file. You can then delete the old one, if you want, and read without blocking the new one.