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updated on May 2, 2023
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ImageGrab is a utility for comfortably extracting images from all kinds of video files.

The strong points that make it successful around the world include the following :

  •  It can open the main types of video file for playing and navigate very precisely and comfortably in the file to reach the desired image.
  •  It can extract the current image from the video with a single click or pressing a key on the keyboard.
  •  The extracted images can be numbered or marked with the timestamp and saved in the folder of your choice.
  • An intervalometer allows to extract periodically, very simply and automatically, an image
  •  A scripting language makes it possible to program all ImageGrab operations and reproduce them at will
  •  It can embed different data in real time in the video, for example the timestamp or, for DV videos, datecode or timecode, and get it on the extracted image.

ImageGrab includes a multimedia player that can play the video either inside the application, or in a separate window (for example on a second monitor), or in full screen.

ImageGrab comes with a “private version” of some of the famous LAV filters and ffdshow decoders (GNU license) that it uses in an optimized way, without installing them on your system and thus without disturbing the operation of your other video applications.