Paul Glagla’s contributions

Paul Glagla presents his useful software dedicated to digital video. You can download them for free for personal or family use.

If you want to use them in a commercial, professional, administrative or even associative context, you must request a licensed  Pro version.


Version 7.0.4 en of May 2, 2023

Extract comfortably  images from all kinds of videos


Version 8.3.7 en of September 7, 2023

The best utility program to handle avi files, especially avi DV files..


Version 6.2.0 en of October 21, 2023

View in real time and capture the audio and video streams that arrive live on your computer.


Version 2.4.0 en of May 18, 2018

A utility to repair .mkv files that block during playback


version 2.2.0 of May 20, 2016

Display what is contained in a grf file: the filters in the filtergraph, the connections, the clock used


version 3.1.1 of May 19, 2016

Manage the directshow filters present on a system.


2.1.1 of May 7, 2017

Burn to a DVD, but in Blu-Ray format, m2ts clips produced by an AVCHD camcorder .