ImageGrab Version 7.0.0

I released version 7.0.0 of ImageGrab yesterday. The evolution comes from the fact that I use more and more files in mkv format, in particular recordings from the Freebox (TV box from my internet provider) that I transcoded with the excellent mkvToolNix or even with personal software that I have not yet published . These videos often include multiple audio streams in different languages and multiple subtitle streams. I worked on allowing their selection in ImageGrab. This can in some cases make it easier to find the right images you want to capture, because you understand the scene better, and if you activate the subtitles they are also written on the image you are capturing.

The choice is made in ImageGrab‘s main menu with the two sections: Languages and Subtitles. Note that these sections only display controls if audio or subtitle streams are present in the video. Otherwise they remain inactive. Maybe I should have hidden them when there’s nothing to do on that side. This will no doubt be the case for future revisions.

To display subtitles ImageGrab uses the excellent directshow filter VSFilter. As with the LAV and ffdshow filters, installing ImageGrab creates a “private” version of these filters, which has its own optimized data that the user cannot modify. It does not interfere at all with installed directshow filters, and therefore will not interfere with any of your other applications that use directshow technology.

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