A very hidden bug in DVdate

I released this morning my DVdate software version 8.0.6, after fixing a bug well hidden. It happened during the DV video conversion from PAL to NTSC or vice versa. So far DVdate was producing the requested file in NTSC or Pal and it had the required qualities of such a file when it was processed

A new ImageGrab

I published yesterday, July 28, 2019, version 6 of one of my flagship software: ImageGrab. It took me a long time to develop this software which is completely redesigned and rewritten. I hope the result will meet expectations. For the user there are some novelties that I try to introduce gradually in all my applications,

Scenes in DVdate

DVdate has a number of features that use the concept of scenes, that is, a portion of the video, filmed continuously. In DV videos, scene changes are detected by a jump of the datecode, that is, the date and time of shooting contained in each frame of the video. In the absence of a datecode,

DVdate published

I published yesterday and today a page on my DVdate software. This is one of the oldest of my software, devoted to AVI files and especially to Avi DV files, which are hardly available at this time. One of the main points of interest of avi DV files was that they contained in each frame

Windows blocked on startup

I experienced a big crash of my computer under Windows 7 – 64 bits. Last Thursday he was doing well. I turned it off Thursday night to go to bed, and Friday morning could not start Windows. When I turned it on, the startup screen was displayed for a while, then the whole screen went

Custom functions for sqlite

I make my programs with delphi 7 personal version that I got free of charge as soon as it was released in 2002 and still runs very well under Windows 7 (both 7 have nothing to do!). This personal version is missing the database functions. So I acquired a Pro license to use disqlite3 –

An issue with TWebBrowser under delphi 7

This post is for delphi programmers. I am trying to implement in one of my applications under delphi 7 a TWebBrowser component which is able to display web pages in the application, mainly pages of the site Deezer that can play music. My system is Windows 7 – 64 bits, and my delphi 7 is

The site is secure

When you go to my site, you will observe since today that it is secure. This means that it is accessed by the https protocol, and a small padlock, or equivalent symbol depending on your browser, is displayed. I do not know if it’s really useful, because I do not ask you for personal data,

An English version of my web site

Before even taking all the content of my old site on my new site, I wanted to set up an English version of the whole new site. WordPress gives very interesting tools for this, and, as far as I am concerned, I installed the PolyLang plugin which made things much easier. You can see in the

Version 2.4.0 of FixMKVGaps

This morning I released version 2.4.0 en of FixMKVGaps . It took me a lot of time to make this new version that was needed, because the version 1.4.0 published a month ago had a major flaw: if it fixed well the jumps of timecode (“gaps”), it ended sometimes to a video where the audio and video