Windows blocked on startup

I experienced a big crash of my computer under Windows 7 – 64 bits. Last Thursday he was doing well. I turned it off Thursday night to go to bed, and Friday morning could not start Windows. When I turned it on, the startup screen was displayed for a while, then the whole screen went

Custom functions for sqlite

I make my programs with delphi 7 personal version that I got free of charge as soon as it was released in 2002 and still runs very well under Windows 7 (both 7 have nothing to do!). This personal version is missing the database functions. So I acquired a Pro license to use disqlite3 –

An issue with TWebBrowser under delphi 7

This post is for delphi programmers. I am trying to implement in one of my applications under delphi 7 a TWebBrowser component which is able to display web pages in the application, mainly pages of the site Deezer that can play music. My system is Windows 7 – 64 bits, and my delphi 7 is

The site is secure

When you go to my site, you will observe since today that it is secure. This means that it is accessed by the https protocol, and a small padlock, or equivalent symbol depending on your browser, is displayed. I do not know if it’s really useful, because I do not ask you for personal data,

An English version of my web site

Before even taking all the content of my old site on my new site, I wanted to set up an English version of the whole new site. WordPress gives very interesting tools for this, and, as far as I am concerned, I installed the PolyLang plugin which made things much easier. You can see in the

Version 2.4.0 of FixMKVGaps

This morning I released version 2.4.0 en of FixMKVGaps . It took me a lot of time to make this new version that was needed, because the version 1.4.0 published a month ago had a major flaw: if it fixed well the jumps of timecode (“gaps”), it ended sometimes to a video where the audio and video

A new software: FixMKVGaps

Not only did I start this new site at the end of April 2018, but I also published a new software FixMKVGaps  that had never been published on my former site. I explain the origin: I sometimes record movies on my Freebox. But of course the hard disk of the Freebox has a limited capacity. Thus when I want

The new site of Paul Glagla

After years of free hosting of my site at the french provider Free, I wanted to create a WordPress site for the publication of my contributions. But some features are restrained in the personal pages of Free. So I started the migration at OVH and you have in front of you the first pages of my