Pro License for ImageGrab

The version of ImageGrab downloadable on this site is reserved for the personal and family use of the video hobbyist. Any use in a commercial, professional, administrative or even associative context is prohibited with this version.

If you need ImageGrab for such use, you should request a Pro version : it is exactly the same version as the personal version, except that it is specially recompiled to remove warnings  reminding you that it is for personal use only, and display the name of the company, organization or person who owns an unrestricted Pro license.

To receive a Pro license, please donate via Paypal to Paul Glagla. The amount of the donation is free since a donation is not a commercial transaction, but a simple contribution to the expenses. As an indication donations are often € 19 for a license on a single workstation and go up to € 99 for a license on an unlimited number of workstations.

With your donation, you will not make  Paul Glagla a rich man. He realizes his software for pleasure and not to earn money.  But it will help him to cover the costs related to his activity. It seems normal that if my software helps you make money or save money, you accept kindly to support their production and improvement.

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After payment, fill out the form below and send it to me. You will then receive an internet address where you can download your licensed Pro version. Generally it is available within 24 hours, except when I am traveling abroad. In this case, you will indeed be authorized to use the personal version for your activities until the receipt of the Pro version.

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