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Export capture dates and times with DVdate

An English user of DVdate named Jason contacted me recently with the following problem: He undertook to catalog about 5,000 videos filmed by different members of his family in miniDV format and for this he must find in each scene the date and the time of capture. He found that only DVdate allowed him to

A very hidden bug in DVdate

I released this morning my DVdate software version 8.0.6, after fixing a bug well hidden. It happened during the DV video conversion from PAL to NTSC or vice versa. So far DVdate was producing the requested file in NTSC or Pal and it had the required qualities of such a file when it was processed

Scenes in DVdate

DVdate has a number of features that use the concept of scenes, that is, a portion of the video, filmed continuously. In DV videos, scene changes are detected by a jump of the datecode, that is, the date and time of shooting contained in each frame of the video. In the absence of a datecode,

DVdate published

I published yesterday and today a page on my DVdate software. This is one of the oldest of my software, devoted to AVI files and especially to Avi DV files, which are hardly available at this time. One of the main points of interest of avi DV files was that they contained in each frame