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The site is secure

When you go to my site, you will observe since today that it is secure. This means that it is accessed by the https protocol, and a small padlock, or equivalent symbol depending on your browser, is displayed. I do not know if it’s really useful, because I do not ask you for personal data,

An English version of my web site

Before even taking all the content of my old site on my new site, I wanted to set up an English version of the whole new site. WordPress gives very interesting tools for this, and, as far as I am concerned, I installed the PolyLang plugin which made things much easier. You can see in the

The new site of Paul Glagla

After years of free hosting of my site at the french provider Free, I wanted to create a WordPress site for the publication of my contributions. But some features are restrained in the personal pages of Free. So I started the migration at OVH and you have in front of you the first pages of my