An English version of my web site

Before even taking all the content of my old site on my new site, I wanted to set up an English version of the whole new site.

WordPress gives very interesting tools for this, and, as far as I am concerned, I installed the PolyLang plugin which made things much easier. You can see in the main menu a button that switches from French to English and vice versa. I managed to translate all the structure thanks to Polylang: the static pages of the site, the posts of the Blog, the Documentation, the Menus, the side bars etc … However, I have not yet touched the Forums of discussion which are for the time being only in French.

There are texts that have been translated through Google Translations. I then reviewed them a little, but not yet very thoroughly. If some English-language readers wants to suggest improvements or corrections, they will be welcome.

Similarly some external elements may not be translated. For example, I do not know what happens to Google’s reCaptcha for an English language visitor. Thanks to those who want to report to me the issues that remain.

My old site also had an English part, but only partially, and the help pages of my softwares were little translated. In addition, there was no one-to-one correspondence between the pages, whereas here it will be the case with the menu button mentioned above. More than 50% of the 2 millions of pages visited on my former site were nevertheless in English. It is therefore essential to offer these visitors a comprehensive, comprehensible and easy-to-read website. I hope to get there gradually.


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