Version 2.4.0 of FixMKVGaps

This morning I released version 2.4.0 en of FixMKVGaps .

It took me a lot of time to make this new version that was needed, because the version 1.4.0 published a month ago had a major flaw: if it fixed well the jumps of timecode (“gaps”), it ended sometimes to a video where the audio and video tracks were no longer synchronized. In fact playing the video from start to finish everything was fine, but  navigating in the video and advance to a location near the end produced a shift.

It was not really the fault of FixMKVGaps , but rather that of mkvmerge.exe that has this issue when it remuxes videos where the “framerate” is variable. The solution is to provide mkvmerge the timecode file of each audio and video track that it will use during the multiplexing. FixMKVGaps now produces these files during the analysis phase (which makes it a bit slower) and places them in a temporary file. If all goes well, they will be erased after mkvmerge has produced his work.

Note that these files could have been produced by mkvextract , another module of mkvToolNix . But I preferred to create them  directly during the analysis so that this part is better integrated in my application. In the same way, the mkvmerge action is now better integrated in FixMKVGaps , since there is no more DOS window, but on the contrary a progress bar which follows the progress of the program.

Finally, it displays two new buttons on the button bar: the help button and the script button. Refer to the documentation of FixMKVGaps to discover the powerful functionalities behind those.

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