A new software: FixMKVGaps

Not only did I start this new site at the end of April 2018, but I also published a new software FixMKVGaps  that had never been published on my former free.fr site.

I explain the origin: I sometimes record movies on my Freebox. But of course the hard disk of the Freebox has a limited capacity. Thus when I want to keep videos for long term, I copy them on a large external hard drive. But their format m2ts is not very flexible, especially in terms of indexing to navigate in it, so I usually remux them in Matroska format (.mkv), cutting where appropriate the beginning, the end or the advertising. I use the mkvToolNix tools for this.

The .mkv file is very easy to read on a computer (for example with vlc) or to read again on the Freebox. But after processing them, a number of my .mkv files have places where they block during playback. They seem to stop, and only leave if we proceed manually to an advance in the film.

I created FixMkvGaps to fix this and repair these files. If you have the same problem, it may be interesting to test this software.

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