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Toolbar and shortcuts

The different buttons on the FixMKVGaps toolbar have the following functions:

1 Open: opens a file. Only .mkv files can be opened.( CTRL + O shortcut)

2 Paste a file: if you have copied a .mkv file from Windows Explorer to the clipboard, this button will paste it ( CTRL + V shortcut)

3 Access the Parent folder of the .mkv file (shortcut F8 )

4 Open the Help page, which provides a list of keyboard shortcuts, command line options, and script functions (shortcut F1 )

5 Open the Scripts page where you can use a scripting language to control the application.(shortcut F12 )

6 About : displays information about the application (shortcut F11 )

7 Settings : opens the settings page (shortcut F10 )

8 Quit : close the application (shortcut ALT + F4 )

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