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Folder where to save the fixed videos

When FixMKVGaps repairs a .mkv video it actually produces a new video that has the same name as the first but with the _fixed.mkv extension instead of .mkv. For example, if the original file is named myvideo.mkv, the repaired file will be called myvideo_fixed.mkv. FixMKVGaps must know in which folder this new file is to be be saved.

To do this, go to the Settings page by typing for example F10 on your keyboard or by clicking on the Settings button in the toolbar, and click on the Save tab.

You then have two options:

  • Either you check the box Create fixed mkv files in the same folder as the original, in which case for example the file myvideo_fixed.mkv will be created in the folder where myvideo.mkv was already .
  • Either leave this box unchecked, and you will need to specify below an existing folder in which myvideo_fixed.mkv will be saved, as well as any _fixed.mkv extension files produced by FixMKVGaps.
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