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Limited warranty

Paul Glagla guarantees that the FixMKVGaps file he has uploaded on his site is free of viruses, advertising and malicious code. It respects your system and installs nothing without warning you and without it being easily reversible.

However, he can not guarantee its smooth operation in all circumstances given the wide variety of configurations on which it can be installed and the impossibility for Paul Glagla to make exhaustive tests. If you download it and use it it is therefore without any warranty, either implicit or explicit, to obtain any result whatsoever.

All of Paul Glagla’s software works according to the following principle: they work well on Paul Glagla’s systems, so there is a good chance that they work well for you, but maybe that will not be the case. The only way to find out is to give it a try. And if you have problems or find bugs, report them to Paul Glagla, and he will do his best to make improvements.

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