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ImageGrab‘s toolbar contains the following buttons:

(1) Open (CTRL+O) :Open a video file

(2) Paste (CTRL+V): Paste a video file from the clipboard.

(3) Close (CTRL+F): Close the opened file to empty ImageGrab.

(4) Grab (F5): Grab and save the current video frame

(5) Copy (CTRL+C): Copy the current image to the clipboard

(6) Intervalometer (ALT+J): Show or hide the intervalometer panel

(7) Full screen (ALT+Entrée): Put the video in full screen. Redo ALT + Enter to exit full screen.

(8) Audio (CTRL+M): Put the sound On or Off while playing the video.

(9) Inlay (CTRL+I): Activate or deactivate inlay

(10) Flip Vertical (CTRL+ALT+V): Flip the image up / down.

(11) Flip Horizontal (CTRL+ALT+H): Flip image Right / Left

(12) Thumbnail (F2): Show thumbnail panel

(13) Settings of Image (F3): Display the panel to modify the settings governing the saving of images.

(14) Settings of DV (F4): Display the datecode settings panel for DV videos

(15) Settings of Inlay (F6): Display the panel to define the settings for the inlay.

(16) Help (F1): Display the list of commands with their keyboard shortcuts, the switches for command line execution and the names usable in scripts.

(17) Script (F12): Display the script editor (or Macros)

(18) Options (F10): Display the Options page

(19) About (F11): Display ImageGrab version information

(20) Quit (ALT+F4): Exit ImageGrab.

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