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Open a Video

To open a video in ImageGrab you can use different methods:

  • The Files / Open menu command
  • the Open button on the toolbar
  • the keyboard shortcut CTRL + O

If you have copied a file name to the clipboard, you can also paste the video into ImageGrab by:

  • The Files / Paste command on the menu
  • the Paste button on the toolbar
  • the CTRL + V keyboard shortcut

You can also drag and drop a video file from an application that lets you drag the video to ImageGrab, such as Windows Explorer. ImageGrab, for its part, also allows you to drag the open video to other applications able to receive it by drag and drop.

Note that there is also a Menu command Files/Close to close the video. The same result is obtained with the shortcut CTRL+F or the Close Button in the toolbar.

Also note that if you have closed ImageGrab with a video open in it, and you have accepted to save the preferences, then the video will open automatically the next time the application is launched.

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