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Caution: You should not modify these advanced settings.

If you still need to change them, ImageGrab may lose some possibilities that make it worthwhile.

Private Filters: Here you can change the location of private filters or block their use. The Private Filters folder is installed with ImageGrab and contains custom versions of the ffdshow and LAV filters. Do not modify these custom versions. The folder will be destroyed when you uninstall ImageGrab. Note that these custom versions do not interfere with other versions of LAV or ffdshow that you might have already installed or would like to install in the future.

Accurate navigation: You can prevent accurate navigation by unchecking the corresponding box: the accurate navigation mode facilitates frame-by-frame navigation in some videos such as m2ts or mp4. It is advisable to check this box in most cases, even for videos avi or mpg where it might seem less essential. Only uncheck it if it does not work well with some pretty exotic, poorly indexed videos.

Accurate navigation is based on pre-positioning a bit before the desired image and then moving forward frame by frame until you get the desired image. By default the offset for precise navigation is 1000 millisecond before the searched image. In some low-indexed videos, increasing this value could improve precise navigation.

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